About me

Tristan Vitus Tollmann, born on 20/10/1997 in Düsseldorf, grew up carefully with his bigger brother and his younger sister in a rural suburb of Neuss near Düsseldorf.
Enthusiastic and fascinated by the diversity of painting, Tristan learned the art of painting from his father at an early age and continued to develop his skills. His untiring imagination and devotion enable him to impress people with his art.

His father Markus Tollmann is a renowned artist, from whom Tristan's talent for painting was inherited. His grandfather Günter Tollmann was also a well-known painter, sculptor and object artist. He worked with Yves Klein and Jean Tinguely, with whom he had a long friendship.

Tristan's paintings refer to the essential and his drawings in particular show a very reduced form of expression.
His watercolour works are clearly elaborated and perfected in their choice of colours.
His large-format paintings are inspired by Georges Braque, Juan Gris, Kandinsky and Picasso.
He paints his works in the style of Cubism. The careful selection of his colours and materials make each of his works a unique work of art.

Not only a talent with brush and paint, but also as a cook he has found a way to express himself passionately. Thus, his vein for perfection and his artistic talent 2015-2018 are reflected in his apprenticeship with the French star chef Jean-Claude Bourgueil.

One of his works is particularly associated with the art of cooking: l'inspiration de cuisine (2017). A Cubist style painting, intense in colour, yet very reduced to the most important details.